SC-2020 Surface Collection Kit


The SC-2020 family of kits uses a Liquid Preservative Process for DNA collected from surfaces. Depending upon application the kit is available with different preservatives, lysing beads and swab treatments. Simply open the swab, collect the sample, invert swab into preservative and ship.

Configurations suitable for:

  • Surface Microbiome Studies
  • Fecal Microbiome Studies
  • Cellular DNA

*Available as Research Use Only (RUO)


Kit Components

Optional Kit Components

Standard Kit Components

  • Box sleeve (custom graphics available)
  • Sterile wipe or other accessories
  • Lightweight packaging
  • Instruction booklets & additional materials
  • Shipping and logistics services
  • Double-ended integrated sampling device
  • Box with label and instructions
  • Serial number barcode and user ID stickers
  • Biohazard bag
  • Instruction sheet (multi-language)

*Please contact us for more information about customization options.


Kit Configurations

All SC-2020 Family Kits are Research Use Only (RUO). The following configurations are available.

Preservative Beads Swab
SC-2020 Samplify None Dry
SC-2022 Samplify 100 µm Dry
SC-2040 Samplify None Damp
SC-2042 Samplify 100 µm Damp

Preservative: Samplify Liquid Preservative

Beads: 400mg 100µm sterile zirconia/glass beads

Swabs: Dry flock or PCR water dampened flock swab




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