SD-3000 Saliva Collection Kit


The SD-3000 (saliva deposit) device provides a user-friendly saliva collection experience. This kit uses our patent pending dry preservative so there is no liquid to spill. Simply collect the saliva sample, remove funnel, and screw on cap. 

  • Dry no-spill preservative *patent pending

  • User friendly design

  • High quality DNA yield

  • 3ml sample size

  • Over 2 years of stability/long term storage

*Available in Research Use Only (RUO) and CE IVD (EU/CE territories) formats


Kit Components

Optional Kit Components

Standard Kit Components

  • Shipping box (various configurations)

  • Box sleeve (custom graphics available)

  • Instruction booklets & additional materials

  • Shipping and logistics services

  • Thermoform with label and instructions

  • Serial Number Barcode and UserID Stickers

  • Dry Collection Tube Funnel (Patent Pending)

  • Shipping Cap

  • Biohazard Bag

  • Instruction Sheet (Multi-language)

*Please contact us for more information about customization options.


Performance Specifications

The SD-3000 delivers twice the DNA concentration of the liquid alternative.

Screenshot 2018-04-30 09.43.45.png

DNA Yield

DNA Yield out of 3ml (µg)
Mean ±SD 370.2 ± 323.07
Median 292.4


PicoGreen Concentration (ng/µl)
Mean ±SD 123.4 ± 107.69
Median 97.46


A260/A280 Ratio
Mean ±SD 1.78 ± 0.18
Median 1.87

Stability & Long Term Storage

Samples can be stored for over two years both pre and post sample collection.

Pre-Collection Post Collection
23°C ≥2 years ≥2 years
Spec Range 4°C-30°C 4°C-30°C
Test Range -80°C -50°C -80°C -35°C±5°C

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