SE-2030 Saliva Collection Kit


Designed to easily and rapidly sample DNA from saliva. Self-contained unit contains sterile swab and liquid preservative.

Ideal for rapid sampling or for donors that can’t easily use a spit collection vial and where multiple aliquots are not required.

Simply open the swab, collect the saliva sample from the mouth, invert swab into preservative and ship.

*Available as Research Use Only (RUO)


Kit Components

Optional Kit Components

Standard Kit Components

  • Box with label and instructions
  • Box Sleeve (custom graphics available)
  • Instruction Booklets and materials
  • Shipping & Logistics services
  • Integrated Sampling Device
  • Serialized Barcodes and UserID Stickers
  • Biohazard Bag
  • Instruction Sheet (Multi-language)

*Please contact us for more information about customization options.


Kit Performance

The Samplify SE-2030 delivers yield and concentration that exceeds industry performance for swab based DNA saliva collection kits as well as concentration that exceeds nearly all vial based saliva spit collection kits. It is only topped by the Samplify SD-3000 Dry Preservative DNA collection kit.

DNA Yield of 400µl (µg) PicoGreen Concentration
SE-2030 37.97 ± 25.02 94.92 ± 62.5
SD-3000 49.4 ± 43.1 123.4 ± 107.69
Swab Kit A 6.7 ± 4.5 16.8 ± 11.2
Swab Kit B 5.3 ± 1.1 13.2 ±2.7
Swab Kit C 13.6 ± 8.4 34 ± 21
Vial Kit A 27.2 ± 22.1 68.1 ± 55.27

High Capacity Swab

The flexible high-capacity swab has good mouth feel and quickly collects the saliva sample in a matter of seconds. The kit is designed to release the saliva from the swab to achieve high levels of concentration.


Samplify high-performance liquid preservative contained no ethanol and performance has been demonstrated in the related SD-3000 Family of products. The sample’s cells and microbes are lysed and the DNA is preserved.




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