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DNA collection made simple

Introducing our new dry preservative no-spill saliva collection device

  • Unique patent pending design

  • Highest DNA concentration available

  • Superior performance with low DNA donors

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We offer a variety of products and services that take the pain out of sample collection


High Quality Performance

Our products yield the highest quality DNA and can be stored for years.

Customization Options

We can customize your kits with branded packaging, additional marketing collateral and more.


User Friendly Collection

All of our devices are non-invasive, intuitive, and designed with the end-user in mind.

Fullfillment and Logistics

We ship our products worldwide and can ship direct-to-consumer or in bulk. HIPAA compliant ordering API.


Saliva Collection Products


SD-3000 Saliva Collection Device

The The SD (Saliva Deposit) -3000 is a saliva DNA collection device featuring our dry preservative that allows a no-spill collection experience.


SE-2030 Saliva Collection Device

The SE (Saliva Extraction) -2030 is a DNA collection device that is used to swab saliva from the inside of the mouth.


Microbial Collection Products


SC-2020 Surface Collection Device

The SC (Surface Collection) -2020 is a microbial DNA collection device that can be used on any surface.


We're committed to quality

Our goal is to help customers succeed.

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