Future Pads Presets

Future pads presets offer a plethora of top-notch sounds and presets for serum. Our team embarked on this project half a year ago, aiming to infuse your music production with ethereal and airy pad sounds. So, what can you expect to find in this package?

180+ Mb of: 

  • 50+ Atmosphere Serum Presets
  • 16 Pad Noises (Clicks, Airplanes, Rice Shakers) are a collection of unique sound samples that you can incorporate into your music projects. Each pad noise has been carefully crafted to provide a distinct auditory experience. Whether you're looking for the sound of clicks, airplanes, or rice shakers, this collection has got you covered. Enhance your tracks with these innovative and captivating sounds, and let your creativity take flight.
  • 23 foley sounds

*Supports the latest Serum release *Designed to work seamlessly with the latest Serum version